Our Clients

Customer Evaluation

  • We have seen very clearly the value created for the e-business domain by PFCEX and we have a reason to believe that "PFCEX" will become a successful corporation, worth of people's appraisal and social responsibility.

    Dennis / 2018.03.23

  • The whole PFCEX IT system is an e-commerce industry system extremely in advance with the time, but particularly adaptable and understandable; this shows the professionalism and capabilities of PFCEX whole logistics.

    Kelly / 2018.01.13

  • Logistics is our most important segment of customer experience, PFCEX deeply touched me this time in shopping carnival 11-11; PFCEX warehouse is safe and deserves trust.

    Hua Fang / 2017.11.25

  • The core of the ultimate logistics development is the use of logistics information and the new defined complete supply chain process of logistics brought by logistics information; in such process PFCEX Logistics has already walked ahead.

    Zhang Yong / 2017.10.15